The Layout of the Wheel

The wheel in roulette is the movable part of the table and is separated into black and red parts that are alternately numbered starting from 1 all the way to 36. There is also a 0 part and, in cases of American roulette, a 00 part.

If applicable, the zero parts sit opposite one another on this wheel, while every other number alternates in black and red all the way around it. The internet roulette always has the same appearance.

The Layout of the Table

The table in roulette comes with spaces numbered and colored to match with the numbers and colors in the parts on the wheel.

The Bets

Those, who play roulette, can then choose to place outside or inside bets. Inside bets refer to bets on the numbers or even combinations of these numbers, including the zero parts, while outside bets include the parts of a third of the potential numbers that could come up, not including the zero parts. Such bets pay out at 2:1.

Also, when it comes to outside bets, you can bet on numbers 1-18 or 19-36; odd or even; black or red. Such bets pay out 1:1 and are called money bets. These do not include the zero parts, which could increases the advantage of the house and make the bets lower than a chance of fifty-fifty.

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Roulette books

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