Lucky Number Generator

How to Install the Toolbar of the Lucky Number Generator

1. Download the Toolbar and Install It

Check the special field that states "Install this add-on", choose to add it to your Firefox and then follow the rest of the instructions until installation is over.

2. Restart Your Firefox

After you restart your Firefox after the toolbar has been installed, you will automatically get directed to a page with full information on the Roulette Doc along with instructions on how it works.

To turn off this toolbar, simply right-click on the menu and get rid of the check on the Roulette LNG. If you want to turn it on again, just check the Roulette game LNG again. There is also a special button for quick access in the customization menu where you can turn the toolbar off and on when you want to.

How to Calculate Lucky Numbers on the Lucky Number Generator

  • 1 is the sum of the numbers of your first name
  • 2 is the root number of that name
  • 3 is the sum total of the numbers of your birth date
  • 4 is 3 turned into just one number
  • 5 is the pyramid number of classic age that is closest to your own
  • 6 is the sum total of the draw date of the lottery
  • Pick another number if you are in need of more than six

The Meaning of the Lucky Numbers from the Lucky Number Generator

  • 1 means Name Numerology
  • 2 means Motivation Numerology
  • 3 means Birthday Numerology
  • 4 means Life Path Numerology
  • 5 means Pyramid of Classic Age
  • 6 means Lottery Date Numerology

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