Interesting Bets

Even though a lot of people might know the names of famous poker players, not a lot of people know about the most famous bets in American roulette, more at This is quite unfortunate since roulette happens to be a great game with outstanding players who have made stupendous bets. Without a doubt, roulette is not as fast-paced as poker; still, roulette wheels have brought about a lot of worthy players who have made several highly notable bets which belong to best players as usual.

The Bet of Joseph Jaggers

The most well-known roulette bet to date was made in the mid-19th century by Joseph Jaggers, an engineer. He became popular after realizing the problem with which roulette wheels were once balanced back in the day.

Jaggers discovered that the loss of a perfect balance in roulette wheels ended in results wherein several numbers got fallen on more than others.

After making a few experiments, he then discovered how nine numbers got hit more and thus started to put bets on those numbers. In only four days, Jaggers ended up winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Casino owners started to smell something fishy, so they moved to other parts of the nation.

After playing at a new table, Jaggers began to lose and came to notice that the table was replaced. Because of this, he ended up losing a third of his winnings.

The Bet of Ashley Revell

Nowadays, some other famous bets in roulette have also come about, the craziest of which took place in March 2004. A man called Ashley Revell made a big bet at Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas where he sold all of the things that he had and bet thousands of hundreds of dollars.

He bet that the roulette ball would fall onto a red number and it did, doubling Revell's money. That was the only bet he made but he walked out much richer and tipped the dealer 600 dollars.

Roulette history has a lot of incredible bets in it. Plus, the game does not rely on strategies, skills or luck. In fact, all it needs is some nerve and tons of chips.

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Roulette books

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