Best Players

Despite the unbeatable odds that come with the game, roulette has the power to attract casino gambling aficionados and experts who wish to unravel or reinvent the mysteries that come with the wheel. Here are some of them.

Andres Martinez

He is an editor of the Los Angeles Times. In fact, he did nothing but write all day every day. He even wrote a book about Las Vegas and a betting method in roulette wherein a bankroll gets divided by 35 and every bet is placed on a number for 35 spins in a row.

Claude Shannon

He is a computer scientist and mathematician famous for his information theory work. He built the very first wearable computer in order to find out any probable outcomes of the ball in roulette.

Frank Scoblete

He is known worldwide as being the top author of gambling bestsellers in America, of which "Spin Roulette Gold" is included.

Christopher Pawlicki

He is a player of advantage, a professional of roulette strategies, and an expert in computer science, physics, and mathematics. He also wrote a bestseller called "Get the Edge at Roulette".

Graham Greene and John Hinckley, Jr.

Both of these men claimed to be aficionados of Russian roulette.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

This man turned into a millionaire through casino roulette. He used a computer model of roulette wheels in Spain at Casino de Madrid to bet on the numbers that the ball of roulette would highly likely fall onto.

Johnny Ace

He is a musician of American blues that played Russian roulette in his 1954 Texas concert. He did so during a break and ended up shooting himself that way.

John Marchel

He is the publisher of The Gaming Bulletin, the author of 101 Casino Gambling Tips, and an expert on roulette.

Jerry Patterson

He is an authority on casino gambling and an author of the bestselling book called "Casino Gambling", which revolves around the use of controlled dice in craps. He also runs the website

Malcolm X

Probably the unlikeliest of all of the famous roulette gamblers out there, he did not gamble in casinos, but loved to play Russian roulette instead.

Raymond Lai

He is an author and an expert on roulette; a statistician, a mathematician, and a creator of betting systems for roulette.

Ted Knuden

He is the strategist of gambling behind a video about mastering roulette.

Thomas Bass

He is the author of "The Eudaemonic Pie", a book that revolves around computer hackers who became winners of casino roulette. They called themselves the Eudaemons and used shoe computers to predict where the ball of roulette would fall.

Other famous gamblers of roulette include Brett Morton, Richard Marcus, Laurance Scott, and Jimmy Jordan. There are a lot of books and adventures stories devoted to them.

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Roulette books

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